The Leaving Cert Results Won’t Determine Everything In Your Life! Trust Me, I Know!

The Leaving Cert Results.

The recent release of the long anticipated Leaving Cert results had the stress levels of students (and their parents) all around the country at its annual high. The relief was visible on the faces of those who achieved their required points and likewise the disappointment was evident for those who may not have achieved what they required. To all school leavers this year, particularly to those who may be in the “disappointed” or “struggling with my results” categories, the next few words are especially for you.


The Leaving Cert Results Won’t Always Determine Everything In Your Life! Trust Me, I Know!

For many, the Leaving Certificate will be the door into a College, University or Trade Qualification and that is truly fantastic. If I was ever lucky enough to have my own children I would like to think that they too would get a really good education and achieve their goals. I believe a good education expands our horizons and presents us with possibilities that are beyond what we can even sometimes imagine. I am amazed at the number of young people I meet who have completed at least one Masters by the time they are 23 or 24 years old.

For others however, that may not be the case and I want you to know that you will be ok too. When we really think about it, our career path is ultimately ours to determine. We have the power and the abilities to carve out our own path in life, whether you make it to College or not. For me, my Leaving Cert results had very little bearing on what became my career and one that that I am truly passionate about and feel fortunate to be doing.


It Was My Experience That Was Crucial In Allowing Me To Start My Own Business.

I really didn’t enjoy school and when I left it after my Leaving Certificate in 1987, I decided that college just wasn’t for me. I chose instead to work. I wanted to work my way through life, climbing the ladder if I could and learning from that so called University of Life. I worked my way through a number of roles gaining experience in management, training and sales. I have to admit, at times I was a bit uncertain as to what my next career move was going to be but I worked away until 1999 when an opportunity to start my own business arose. There was no big plan or anything like that but the experience and skills that I had gained and developed were absolutely crucial in enabling me to capitalise on the opportunity that had presented itself. I grasped it with both hands.


It’s About Your Competencies and Abilities too!

Since then, I have been truly happy with my career….it hasn’t always been plain sailing and it still isn’t, nobody’s life is!! There were no points associated with many of the critical competencies that helped keep me going at difficult times and will be just as important for you too, no matter how many points you have achieved. Being a good worker, being reliable, being flexible, being open to new ideas or learning, being respectful to the people we meet, being honest, being able to communicate effectively, being innovative or creative, taking pride in your work, critical thinking, problem solving capabilities, having high standards or being resilient and determined in the face of adversity are all core competencies we all need no matter what!!

Work Hard Either Way!!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not advising that you shouldn’t do your best in school or that you don’t need to achieve the best points that you can. But what I am saying is, especially to those who may be disappointed with their results or who are not academically focussed, you too can achieve your targets and goals. One of the main things that I have learned is that identifying and using your own natural skills, experience and abilities plays a significant role in carving out the life we want to lead. I hope you can realise that there are always options and other routes you can travel in order to achieve your goals and ambitions. My business has given me the opportunity and privilege to meet so many people who’s courses or subsequent careers didn’t always go to plan or as they hoped for but they have nevertheless gone on to become very successful in one way or another.