Are you struggling to showcase your skills in competency based and traditional interviews? Want to feel more confident and prepared for your next interview?

At Maher Consulting we genuinely love helping people to prepare for all types of job interview but we specialise in Public Sector competency based processes. We provide simple, positive, practical and tailored advice that will give you much more confidence to tackle your interview in an authentic manner that feels comfortable for you.

Maher Consulting offer Competency Based Interview Consulting, specially designed to cater to the needs of all civil servants and public sector employees. We have established ourselves as a leading consulting firm and we have years of experience working with public sector clients. This enables us to offer personalized and professional services to each individual. We understand the importance of competency-based interviews in the public sector and how crucial it is to prepare properly to ensure you get the position or promotion you are applying for.


Structure is important:

STAR (Situation, Task, Actions, Results) is a very common methodology often used for competency based answers. However we find that many of our clients find STAR overly complicated and a little confusing so rather than help them to answer questions they merely add an unnecessary layer of complexity to the process. We have developed our own simple but highly effective methodologies to help you successfully tackle competency based interviews.

Maher Consulting offer a range of services to prepare you for competency-based interviews including:

  • Providing you with practical advice on how to showcase your competencies effectively during the interview.
  • Giving you a simple structure to build your answers that is much more straightforward than the traditional STAR approach
  • Helping you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and providing you with targeted training to address any areas of concern.
  • Conducting mock interviews and providing you with feedback on your performance.

We know that our clients come from all over the country, which is why we can provide a nationwide service. Whether you are based in Dublin, Cork, Galway, or anywhere else in Ireland, we can assist you and we offer flexible appointment times that suit your schedule and at a time that is convenient for you.

If you are a public sector employee looking to improve your preparation and approach to Competency Based Interviews then Maher Consulting can help. Call us today.